Mille Miglia Tour (8 days)

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The Driving Tour’s Mille Miglia guide book helps you to discover 1,000 miles of some of the most beautiful roads in Italy along the Mille Miglia route. Used annually by the most iconic classic road race in the world this is one of the all-time great drives! Follow in the tyre tracks of some of the most famous racing drivers of all time Tazio Nuvolari, Giovanni Bracco, Rudolf Caracciola and of course, the fastest of them all, Stirling Moss.

The Tour starts and finishes in Calais travelling to and from the start line over Alpine passes and with options to visit some of the most famous Italian supercar manufacturers; Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Pagani.

This is a truly epic tour with bags of history and charisma. A must for any automotive adventurer. You’ll need 8 days to complete this self-guided car tour.

Overall Route

The Tour starts and finishes in Calais. Set off south through France and over the stunning St Bernadino Pass in the Swiss Alps into northern Italy as a mere warm up to the main event of this tour; the ‘Mille Miglia’ route.

Leave the Start Line in Brescia and travel to San Marino, Rome, then head north through Umbria and Tuscany and back to the Finish Line in Brescia.

Return over the Great St Bernard Pass to Besançon and back to Calais. The overall route is shown below with all waypoints and points of interest shown. These are all explained in detail in the agenda booklet as the tour unfolds.

Note that some of the optional activities, particularly the supercar factory tours, will require advance reservations.

Please check details in this guide and book ahead.

Key points

  • Tour accommodation cost is approximately £444 per person based on two sharing in September. Costs will vary with seasonality.
  • All costs shown have been checked, but should be regarded as approximate.
  • 7 nights in hotels selected for secure parking, location and star rating (in that order).
  • Total journey is approximately 3,929km (2,462miles) following the main route and excluding detours.
  • Directions are for general guidance.
  • A good map with city street detail, plus ideally SatNav, is definitely required.
  • Many of the high alpine passes will be closed from the beginning of November until June, and closed daily from 18.00 to 08.00h. Please check access before travelling:
  • This tour is entirely self-booking and self-guiding. We recommend for accommodation and Google Maps for navigation.
  • Italy has deployed a series of ZTL (zona traffic limitato) areas where private cars are restricted. Some ZTL areas have restriction times, other are 24/7. We’ve done our best to avoid ZTL, but keep an eye out as these can change. Enforcement is by CCTV and fines are sent automatically.
  • The maps shown use various scales. Refer to the driving distances and times provided to plan your day.
  • All maps are provided by © OpenStreetMap contributors.
  • Always drive safely and follow local driving laws and regulations.
  • Travellers are fully responsible for arranging suitable travel insurance.
  • The information within this itinerary is correct at the time of going to print.
  • The Driving Tour accepts no liability for any errors or omissions.


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