About Us

Over the last decade The Driving Tour has organised a series of car tours in Europe for a group of friends. Over this time, we’ve learnt exactly what makes a great road trip.

Visit places you’ve never seen before, driving on fabulous roads through amazing scenery. From the vineyards of Bordeaux to the high Alpine passes, we’ve found some amazing places to inspire and roads with the true ‘Wow!’ factor.

The Driving Tour provides fully-tested, car tour guides that provide all the information you need to enjoy a fabulous road-trip holiday.

Travel Experiences

We’ve had a wonderful time enjoying our car tours, so we started The Driving Tour to share the adventures with you.

We’ve found great routes, hotels, restaurants, and amazing things to do on the way. 

Our car tours are the quick and easy way to get out and about exploring in your car without all the trouble, challenges and hours of time trying to work out the best route, hotel and restaurant yourself. 

About us

We’ve worked all that out for you – all you need to do is book the recommended hotels, restaurants and ferry crossings to best suit your schedule. All details are clearly shown in the car tour guides.

The Driving Tour offers tried and tested car tours that we know work really well, all because we’ve been out and loved them first.

Our car tours are suitable for one car, or several, if travelling with a group of friends.

The  car tour guides give all the information needed to book the trip, leaving you to fully enjoy the adventure.

Building Memories

“Life was meant for great friends and great adventures.”

Traveling – it leaves you speechless,
then turns you into a storyteller.